Operating instructions for the CANlogger


  1. place the GPS receiver on or under the tail section and connect it to the wiring harness
  2. connect the wiring harness to the CANlogger and attach it to the vehicle
  3. connect CAN connector to vehicle (next to battery) 


  • switch on the CANlogger by switching on the ignition
  • after the specified standby time (standard 30 minutes, see "Options"), the CANlogger switches to power-saving mode and switches off completely after another 60 minutes.
  • connection via WLAN "SKe-CCU" with standard password "12345678"
  • data access via IP address "" (enter IP address directly in the web browser)
  • further information under the menu item "Manual"
  • the race track is loaded automatically (if available under the "Tracks" menu item, add it manually or contact support if necessary)
  • the data log starts automatically from 50 km/h or by manual activation (dashboard menu)
  • the WLAN is switched off during logging!
  • the data log stops when: engine off for 1min / ignition off / manual deactivation via dashboard menu
  • recommended log viewer: MegaLogViewerHD

Status LED

  • lights up continuously during the start-up process
  • flashes slowly when the CAN bus is active (data reception)
  • flashes quickly in the event of a fatal error (contact support)
  • lights continuously while the data log is running

Dashboard gauges (Yamaha)

  • grey-symbol      = CANlogger active/ready
  • green-symbol   = datalog active/running
  • GPS-symbol      = GPS position found (GPS symbol only visible when the oil pressure display is no longer active)
  • activation of lap timer in the dashboard:
  1. set the dashboard to track mode in the menu, exit the menu
  2. briefly press the control wheel in, a display starts to flash
  3. scroll up until the lap timer display flashes
  4. now hold it down until only the dots on the display are flashing
  5. laptimer is ready to record