typical questions about the CANlogger

With which end devices does the CANlogger work?

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Access is via a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, ...), making it independent of the end device (smartphone, laptop).
The log viewer only works on a PC/laptop.

What do you have to set up the first time?

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The CANlogger works plug&play without having to set anything.
Of course you can if you want to.

Does the GPS receiver fit in the R1's fairing cutout?

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Does the CANlogger work with my KIT/Series ECU?

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Yes, for all ECUs with CAN bus (from RN32/RJ27).

How do I activate the lap timer in the Yamaha Dashboard?

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  1. set the dashboard to track mode in the menu, exit the menu
  2. briefly press the control wheel in, a display starts to flash
  3. scroll up until the lap timer display flashes
  4. now hold the control wheel down until only the dots on the display are flashing
  5. lap timer ready to record